Payment of Your Earnings

Your balance will be credited to your account. As soon as your account has reached the minimum balance, any payout will be settled on a monthly basis. The minimum balance depends on the currency you selected in your Partner Account. It is specified here.

Your Sales can always be found in the Partner Area under Statistics>Sales. You can see your Credit 14 days after an order has been shipped under Statistics>Credit.

At the latest, your payable balance will be calculated within 15 business days of the following month. We’ll pay you the payable balance within 15 business days. It can take up to 15 business days for the Transaction to be deposited into your bank account after monthly clearance.

Requirements for paying out your remuneration

In order to be able to pay out your remuneration, we need the following information from you:

You are resident or based outside of Germany

If the country in which you are resident/based isn’t Germany, then in addition to your name and address we also need your Tax Identification Number. If you are a US citizen, it is up to you whether you provide your Social Security Number (SSN), your Employer Identification Number (EIN) or your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). If you don’t provide a correct tax ID, we will need to apply a withholding tax to a portion of the income from your margin. For more information on the deduction of tax, please refer to this article.

The country in which you are resident/based is Germany

If the country in which you are resident/based is Germany, you don’t need to provide a Tax Identification Number. As long as we have your correct name and address, you will be paid your remuneration in full. Unfortunately we are unable to make any payments if you have not stored your name and address correctly. If this is the case, please enter your correct details as soon as possible.

Information about payment options with SEPA and PayPal

In the ‘Financial administration’ section of your user account, you’ll find two payment options: SEPA transfer to a German or other European current account, or PayPal transfer. We only make SEPA transfers in the currencies EUR and GBP; with PayPal we can transfer in any currency. If you haven’t provided a PayPal account, we reserve the right to make payments in euros. Currency conversions are conducted using the respective exchange rates of the German Central Bank.

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