Base Price and Performance Bonus

Each product type has a fixed Base Price. It consists of the price for the respective product and the fee for one print area. In the Partner Area, you can add your Margin to this Base Price by setting the retail price (Shop Settings > Prices & Promos > Shop pricing). The retail price is the price at which you offer the product in your Shop. The Margin is the amount you’d like to earn on each product sold.

Performance Bonus

If you sell a lot of products in your Shops, you’ll get an extra share in the profits. The retail price stays the same, but we reduce the Base Price of the products to reward you with a higher Margin.

There are seven sales tiers. Every product sold brings you one step closer to the next sales tier. When you reach a sales tier, all Base Prices in your Shops are reduced. There are only a few product types that are excluded from the performance bonus. With these, the Base Prices won’t be reduced. These are products that are already very cheap and for which a further price reduction wouldn’t make sense. These include, for example, stickers.

All Base Prices at a glance

In this table (Ireland: see here), you’ll find the Base Prices for all products and all sales tiers. You can save or export this table. Use it to refine your own pricing strategy.

Since we can only count purchases that have been paid for and that haven’t been returned, we wait two weeks until we credit you with the bonus. This means that you will receive the Performance Bonus for the previous month with the payout of your credit balance.

Let’s see an example: It's April 13th and the next deadline for your payment will be in two days time. Let's assume you sold 300 men's premium shirts, 2 women's premium shirts, 250 cups, 40 men’s long-sleeved shirts and 150 bags in the month of March. In total, this makes 742 products, 592 of which qualify for the performance bonus (not counting the 150 bags). For you, this means that you’ve reached the third sales tier. This means that the base prices will be reduced for the 592 products you sold. Your performance bonus is paid out once a month. In the following month, the products will be counted again starting from zero.

Important: Your earnings are in principal subject to VAT. Your earnings need to be declared to tax authorities. For more information, please refer to Taxation of your earnings.

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