Connect Spreadshop with YouTube

To connect your Spreadshop with YouTube, start directly in YouTube Creator Studio. If you meet all the requirements, you’ll be able to see the category “Monetization”. Click on “Merchandise”, then on “Start now” and choose Spreadshop as your merch shop.

Register Spreadshop and link to Google

Now you’ve joined the Spreadshop universe. We can produce your merchandise articles either in Europe or the USA. Choose the region where most of your YouTube followers live. They will benefit from low shipping costs and fast deliveries. If you’re not sure, we can help you decide on the right region. After you have chosen a region, you register with the same email address that you use for YouTube merch shelf. Confirm the link between your Spreadshop and Google by entering your Google access data. Click on "Set up shop" to be forwarded to Spreadshop’s partner area.

Create products and activate Spreadshop

The Partner Area is the control centre for your Spreadshop. Here you’ll create your merchandise for your YouTube channel. Start right away, design your first products and then activate your shop. Once your shop is activated, the first products that you sort via your product list will be transferred to YouTube. It may take up to five days, until the products appear under your YouTube videos. Use this time to set up the Shop to suit your followers.

You’ll be informed about your first sales in your Partner Area. More information about your sales, bestsellers and credits can be found in the statistics. And don’t forget: So that we can pay out your credit we’ll need your bank or payment details. State these in your account right now to be sure to get paid. Now you’ve set it all up and your Spreadshop is ready to go.

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