Creating products with several print areas

When designing your Spreadshop products, you have up to four print areas available: on the front, back, left sleeve and right sleeve of your product. The following article will explain how to create products while keeping a keen eye on your target group.

How multiple print areas work

Designing products with several print areas is not so different from just using one print area. In your design overview, click on "Upload more designs" to create a product. A panel will open and give you the choice of either uploading another design or creating a product with multiple print areas. You can’t combine the two actions. Now click on “Create products with several print areas”.

Next up, you can choose your designs for the different print areas. If you select four designs, we will only show you product groups that actually have four print areas available. If you select two designs, the selection of products will consequently be much larger.

Then work on your product as usual: Click on the design, select size and position of the design and choose your product colour. Move the designs back and forth between the individual print areas to arrange them the way you want. You can also designate a design as your main design by marking it with the star symbol. This design will then be displayed first in both the product view and the design view of your Spreadshop (in Shop Settings > Pages > List page).

Your price matters

When creating products with several print areas, each additional print area will incur a printing fee of €4.50. This will significantly increase the retail price of your Spreadshop product. However, you can place as many designs on a print area as you like. We only ever count the number of print areas used, not the number of designs on a single print area. Your customers will be charged extra, but your margin won’t change.

Only exception: If a customer personalises a product in your Shop using a paid community design, these costs will be added to the retail price. This won’t change your margin either.

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