Google Tracking

Your Spreadshop offers you the opportunity to analyze the behavior of your customers and optimize your Shop accordingly. You can e.g. find out how many of your customers get directed to your page and then also complete their order to give you an indication of your conversion rate.

If you already use Google Analytics, your Spreadshop can easily be connected to it. We provide an interface for it in the Partner Area.

Enable Google tracking

Activate Google Analytics in your Shop settings under Marketing > Web Analytics and enter your Tracking ID. Don't forget to accept the changes so that your Google tracking can be activated. You’ll usually see the first generated data in your Analytics account within 24 hours.

Which Analytics property is a good fit for your Shop?

In October 2020 Google gave its analytics tool a major update. Since then there have been two property versions: A newer Google Analytics 4 Property version and an established property version that’s now called Universal Analytics.

The behavior of your customers in your Shop can only be tracked with the Universal Analytics property. You activate this tracking (as described above) via our Shop interface. You can find out how to set up the property with Google here.

With the newer Analytics 4 Property you can analyze the user behavior of your customers on your own website outside your Shop as well.

Please note: The Analytics 4 Property only tracks your domain. Your Shop on this domain remains invisible for Analytics 4 Property. Tracking for your Shop must always be set up via the Universal Analytics property in your Shop settings. An upgrade to Analytics 4 Property only really makes sense for Shop Owners whose Shop runs in a separate domain and who want to operate two properties. How the upgrade works with Google is described here.

Can I adjust the tracking myself?

Google Analytics is a professional tracking & analysis tool. We merely provide the interface and only provide support for this interface and the Shop integrations it provides. We cannot answer further questions about tracking or options beyond that. More information on the installation can be found here.

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